"Lack of synchronization between the

dancers made it look clumsy.”

Synchronization of movement is the operation or activity of two or more things at the same time or rate.

In relation to fitness, dance and pilates classes, we strive for synchronization with precision and flow. Most classes incorporate movement with music. 

Cardio Core is taught in a follow-along fashion as well as circuit work per the instructors design.


We live in front of our computers and spend hours in transport around a hunched over position, rounding our shoulders, collapsing in our core. 

Our core muscles are weak and underused which are so important for optimal spine health. Activating the core in a balanced way daily, enlists support for the whole body and aids in creating correct alignment and then healthy flow of movement. More importantly a strong core will increase the best use of other muscles for functional living. 


All of our classes pay attention to proper alignment and technique of movement. 


"Sweat cleanses from the inside. It comes from places a shower will never reach."

Moving with energy, good form and precision to music…..will make you sweat! 

We need to sweat out the toxins!

Are you sick of a gym environment or the same routine logging hours trying to stay fit and healthy? Come and sweat with us at Studio 27! 

We believe that true health and athleticism is controlled, measured, intentional and can be fun!

At Studio 27, we believe in energetic Pilates, correct form, and uplifting beats.

We are BASI trained professionals who will make you want to forget your old school Pilates.


Welcome to Studio 27! Escape the normal . . . Escape that cross-fit orbig box gym that packs you in like a sardine only to cause spinal and knee/hip/shoulder injury! Our clients are referred by surgeons and health experts who appreciate the therapeutic and soul-building aspects of our holistic approach to fitness.


Our exhilarating approach to Pilates and Dance is caffeine for the soul . . . Synch. Center. Sweat.